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Our family-run company is one of the most important manufacturers of electrical resistance materials and thermoelectric materials for temperature measurement as well as of passive components for the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

The field of precision measurement technology sets standards when it comes to measuring current, voltage and temperature in cars and trucks, but also in hybrid and electric vehicles as well as in industrial and regenerative energy production systems.

As an internationally recognized specialist and technology leader, we repeatedly define the state of technology with our innovative products and underline the technological and innovative expertise of Isabellenhütte.

Decisive criteria for success are the continuous development of new types of products, technologies and production processes as well as a comparatively very high depth of production. This ranges from the production of alloys to forming technology, etching and assembly technology to complex testing and packaging machines.

One Company - Three Divisions
The different fields of precision measurement technology, precision and power resistors and precision alloys are intertwined in a globally unique way in order to realize the greatest possible depth of production in our value-creation processes.

A flexible and completely independent production becomes possible by concentrating on all production steps in one location, from the melt to the rolling mill, the wire drawing facility, the complete building element and measurement module production to the final inspection. In this way we always ensure the highest quality, since development, production, quality management and quality assurance are completely in our control.

As an internationally successful model company that has been family-owned and run for eight generations, the center of our corporate culture focuses on sustainability, the power of innovation and a high process...



Country Of Origin: Germany

The high-temperature solder ISA-BRAZE® offers an interesting alternative in the field of joining and connection technology. It is significantly "lower spatter" compared to standard wires with arc applications and is ideal for flux-free applications using insert gas. It can also be used as a functional material for coatings since it is suitable for gap soldering, braze soldering and surfacing by soldering.

All types of steel, nickel alloys, chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, including their alloys as well as hard metals, can be joined and coated with ISA-BRAZE®. In this context, the relatively high tensile and shear strengths are noteworthy, including the heat resistance >300°C. It is available in the versions ISA-BRAZE®970, ISA-BRAZE®970Si and ISA-BRAZE®980. The figures stand for the solidus temperature in °C, which identifies the temperature, below which the alloy is completely in the solid phase.

Proven alloy as a basis
ISA-BRAZE®970 is based on the resistance alloy CuMn12Ni (MANGANIN®), which has proven itself for more than 20 years and can optionally be alloyed with silicon, which in turn improves the flowability and thus the form and gap-filling capacity. ISA-BRAZE®980 is a copper manganese cobalt alloy.

High Degree of Purity via Vacuum Process
The ISA-BRAZE® alloys are melted in a vacuum furnace and thus have a very high degree of purity. In this way, for example, gas and non-metallic influences are minimal. The high degree of purity manifests itself in advantageous chemical and electro-physical properties, which can also be functionally used depending on the customer's requirements, e.g. with respect to thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, specific electrical resistance, thermal stress and temperature coefficient.

There is also a high oxidation and corrosion resistance and very homogeneous and clean solder points or coatings are created.


Model: IVT-S
Country Of Origin: Germany

Isabellenhütte has been one of the world's leading providers of ultra-modern measurement technology systems for years as a proven specialist in the precise measurement of high currents.

We offer our customers precision measurement systems with exceptional performance data under the brand name ISAscale®. The highest degree of precision, to which we have committed ourselves here, is uniquely combined with convenient operation and a high level of variability.

The IVT series are intelligent, digital voltage and current sensors, which were developed for the precise measurement of DC currents.

The IVT series is based on a modular principle and can be quickly adapted to customer applications. With a current measurement range of up to 2,500 A and a voltage measurement of up to 1,000 V, the IVT series is perfect for high-voltage applications or battery management systems.

At the same time, the IVT series also offers galvanic isolation of up to 1,000 volts. In addition to the current measurement, up to three measurement channels for high-current voltage measurement can be integrated through which the entire voltage of the battery stack as well as the entire monitoring of the intermediate circuit voltage and the relay functions occur.

Due to the programmable logic, additional functions are implemented, such as the temperature measurement of the busbars, the programmable overcurrent detection and other performance data.

• Current measurement range 100, 300, 500, 1,000 and 2,500A
• Three voltage measurement channels up to 1,000V
• CANbus 2.0 interface
• Performance measurement / energy measurement / kWh meter and Temperature measurement of the shunt


Model: SMx, VMx, CMx
Country Of Origin: Germany

With our ISA-PLAN® technology, the elements of a precision and power resistor are etched from the films of our resistance alloys (MANGANIN®, ZERANIN®), which are electrically isolated and applied to a good heat-conducting metal substrate. The planar structures of our precision and power resistors and an optimized current density distribution allow for low-inductance designs and very low thermal internal resistance. An optimized current density distribution thus prevents the risk of hot spots.

Currently seven ISA-PLAN® SMD product series are available in addition to the conventional 2 and 4-wire current measuring resistors. The application options here are very diverse.

A SMD resistor of the ISA-PLAN® product series can and is used in the automotive, power electronics,drive electronics, energy measurement, medical technology and aviation and aerospace industries among others.

• 7W power rating at 70 °C (SMT series)
• Constant current up to 35 A (SMT series , 4mΩ)
• Low Temperature Coefficient ±20ppm/K
• High pulse power rating


Country Of Origin: Germany

The precision resistance alloy MANGANIN®, developed by Isabellenhütte, is especially characterized by low temperature coefficient between 20 and 50°C with a parabolic shape of the R(T) curve, high long term stability of electrical resistance, extremely low thermal EMF versus copper and good working properties.

Due to these features MANGANIN® is the standard material for precision, standard and shunt resistors. MANGANIN® is the basis for the production of ISA-PLAN® and ISA-WELD® components. The maximum working temperature in air is 140°C.

However, higher thermal loads in a non-oxidizing atmosphere are possible. When used for precision resistors with the highest requirements, the resistors should be carefully stabilised and the application temperature should not exceed 60°C. Exceeding the maximum working temperature in air may result in a resistance drift generated by oxidizing processes.

Thus, the long term stability can be affected negatively. As a result, the resistivity as well as the temperature coefficient of the electric resistance may slightly change. It is also used as low cost replacement material for silver solder for hard metal mounting.

Form of Delivery
MANGANIN® is supplied in the form of round wires in the range 8.0 to Ø 0.02 mm in bare or enameled condition. The product line includes sheets, ribbons, flat wires, stranded wires, rods and tubes.

Notes on Treatment
MANGANIN® can be worked easily. Though the alloy can be soldered, it develops in air a thin oxide film; this must be removed before working.

With an appropriate flux MANGANIN® is also suitable for dip-tinning. Furthermore, MANGANIN® can be brazed and welded. Resistors made of MANGANIN® must be aged in order to remove mechanical stress.

• Extremely low thermal EMF
• Max working temperature in air up to 140°C
• Long-term stability of electrical resistance


Country Of Origin: Germany

The power and precision resistors of the patented ISA-WELD® procedure consist of solid, electron beam-welded composite material made of copper and one of our resistance alloys.
This composite material can be adapted to virtually any shape or application in a punching and bending process and therefore allows for the highest possible flexibility within your application design. These high-current shunts are used in battery management, in the automotive industry, battery charging technology, drive technology and in electronic energy meters for high-current applications

The composite material is continuously welded to the strip in a vacuum by means of electron beam and without material addition, whereby the strips are cleaned during the infeed into the machine and the flanks are freshly machined. In this way, impurities or oxides are avoided in the weld seam and physically or metallurgically very different materials are welded fault-free and in a cost-optimized manner.

A special advantage is the narrow welding zone with about one-third of the material thickness. The transition occurs abruptly, which minimizes the influence of the alloying zone on the resistance value and the electrical properties of the measuring resistance. Your advantage as a user: the connection of resistance material and copper no longer has to be independently manufactured during the component assembly on the printed circuit board or in the bus bar.

• 30W permanent power (BAS series)
• Constant current up to 350 A (BAS series 0.1mΩ)
• Low Temperature Coefficient ±20ppm/K (BVR series, BVB series)
• High pulse power rating

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